User Experience – what it means and why it’s important

User Experience, often abbreviated to UX, is a common phrase in the world if web and digital, it has been for a while, but what does it really mean and what value can it add?

In truth UX is a convenient badge, coined by Donald Norman in the mid-90’s, for what is really a reflection of well thought out, intuitive and customer-focused design. You see, good UX isn’t just about a nice user interface or well-crafted layout, it encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with your business. It should leave them with a positive impression of your brand and encourage them to take action.

Surely this is what well considered, engaging design is all about?

You can’t design an effective solution without due consideration for the end-user – right?

Surprising how many people claim to have had a poor user experience online isn’t it?!

The cynics could be forgiven for thinking UX is a term bandied around by hipster agencies* to leverage a bigger fee. Sadly true in some cases, however, in my view this critical part of any digital project roadmap deserves its own reference, despite the fact it’s always really been there in the hearts and minds of results driven designers the world over!

So what makes a good user experience?

Put simply, the first requirement of an excellent user experience is meeting the specific needs of the customer, without unnecessary distraction and with the minimum of effort on their part. The best design is more often than not the simplest, give users the most relevant information, concisely and you’re far more likely engage them.

In summary

Don’t overlook the need for good user experience. Take the time to understand what makes your customers tick. Seek feedback and study how users interact with your website or app, making improvements as necessary. Watch out for those hipsters!

At Thrive we understand the need to look beyond the pure aesthetic and we’ll take the time to understand your customers, how they think and what motivates them. Then we’ll consider the best, most seamless and engaging user experience for your business.

*Hipster agencies; easy to spot, they usually employ ‘Information Architect Ninjas’ instead of Web Developers and ‘Brand Ambassador Evangelists’ not designers. By the way, have you met our Paladin of Insights yet?

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