Video killed the banner ad

Video spend overtook banner ads for the first time since measurements began in October.

We shouldn’t be surprised by this, it’s almost as if the moment has been coming for a little while but it’s the exponential rise (46% increase from the year before) which has caught a few off guard.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons for this. Creatively, there is plenty of scope for a designer to get their teeth stuck into – they don’t have to just place a call to action across a visual. A hard sell distilled. They have 15 to 30 seconds to tell a story for a brand, product and it gives even further scope to make sure all the objectives from the client are put across.

The one argument that used to hold video ads back would be that clients would rightfully tell me that “nobody is watching these ads on their timelines”. Well, that’s changed. Whether video ads got smarter and better or there were more to be seen I’m not too sure but the way people digest their content is changing, in fact in 2017, 82% of Twitter users watched some form of video content each day. And across all digital channels, 37% of people would watch the whole thing.

And they’re much more likely to share these videos. Videos are 6 times more likely to be shared/retweeted/liked than any other medium.

So, in 2017, depending on where you look, the stats back up this uptake in use and perception of video adverts.

Of course, digital marketing is a game of percentages and any good campaign should have a full breadth of formats and mediums to ensure that a return is made. Banner ads still have a place. There is no denying that prolificacy of banner advertising has made users almost blind to their content, but retargeting has ensured conversion can still be achieved.

Whatever your goals, targets or objectives, Thrive are well versed in the digital world. And we’ll always make sure your message is put across to the right people in the right way.

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