Brand Communication – changing perceptions

You may or may not be aware that Thrive has changed. Well, come to think of it, actually it hasn’t – but the way we communicate the value we bring to the table has.

Cast your mind back to summer 2011, at that point in time Thrive was two people, a dog and an ideology to offer our clients something a bit different to the traditional agency approach. The trouble was we hadn’t quite figured out what.

You see, for agencies like ours it’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming a design resource – a production house if you will – and we almost did. It’s a common story; a client asks for something, they get what they asked for. Great, job done – right? Not really, because no value whatsoever has been added to that project; you’ve simply taken the money, done as requested and moved on to the next job. It’s a common story in agency land.

For example – imagine you have a requirement for a website; you call us up and ask for a price based on your idea of what should be included – of course being business savvy you also contact two or three other agencies. We give you a price, so do the others, you make a choice. You choose Thrive – woohoo! We build you a website. It goes live. You wait for the phone to ring, the enquiries will flood in. You wait. And you wait. Three years go by, design trend changes, technology advance inexorably on. You consider re-developing your site. You don’t call Thrive.

Now let’s go back to the start of the process and try again.

You need a website and you come to us with your ideas. We’re not going to give you a price over the phone or email you, we’re going to arrange a face-to-face meeting, possibly several, and we’re going to discuss your business and get under the skin of it. We’re going to discover together what makes you different from your competitors, where you sit in your market place and your core values. Together we’re then going to review the requirement and challenge it, because it’s going to change and we’re going to scope out a solution that we’re confident will yield results and deliver your brand values effectively. It’s likely that won’t be just a website. It will be part of an integrated, target market focused, communication plan designed to achieve measurable benefits for your business. And guess what? Three years go by, design trend changes, technology advance inexorably on. You consider re-developing your site. You call Thrive – because we’re your brand communication agency, an extension of your marketing team.

Fast forward to 2014, there are now nine of us and a dog, we’ve nurtured some fantastic relationships and worked with some really exciting businesses. In doing so we’ve identified the things that make us different – where Thrive adds value. We believe in partnership, strategic thinking, creative excellence, technical know-how and that by working together we (that’s you and us) can achieve fantastic results.

Those are our values. That’s our message to you. That’s brand communication. So let’s start a journey together and see how we can both thrive. Call us on 01260 281546 to get the ball rolling.

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