What is the Panda 4.2 update?

SEO Pandamonium – Google strikes again

Google are at it again. In their quest to fill the internet with relevant websites that add value, they’ve rolled out an updated version of their original SEO big daddy, the Panda Algorithm.

Google Algorithms, in a nutshell, are the programming that decides where and how a website is ranked in its organic search results. Google update this programming from time to time in order to keep the search results clean and free from spam and low quality websites. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence and Google tend to change their Algorithms quite regularly. However the larger updates, like Hurricanes, are given names. Previous names include Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon.

Panda first came onto the scene in February 2011 and let’s face it, it was kind of a game changer. Panda’s primary job was to seek out sites which lacked in rich content or sites that were full to the brim with advertisements and didn’t value the user experience. Those most affected by this were what we call “content farms”. These are sites that collate information from other sites to create a ton of pages, solely to rank higher on Google. Not cool. Especially as this information was usually stolen.

Since 2011, Google have updated their Panda Algorithm numerous times to better the world of organic SEO. Which brings us to the most recent update, Panda 4.2, which graced our search engine doorsteps on the 17th of July 2015.

So what’s different I hear you say?

Well, we’re still learning the full extent. Like a delicate little flower, Panda 4.2 is being rolled out slowly and the likelihood is that we won’t see all the changes for a good few months. But the wait will be worth it for some. The update brings a chance for those sites who got a slap on the wrist by the previous update, to redeem themselves. This means that over time, those sites that were penalised for their back hand SEO tactics, can slowly creep back up the rankings provided they’ve made the correct changes to their site and played by the book. Of course, with the good comes the bad. Those who have not made the necessary changes to their site since the last update, could be slapped with a big fat penalty resulting in a knock back down the ranking ladder.

If, like many, you get to this point and want a guiding light in the darkness, feel free to get in touch with our Online Marketing team here at Thrive. We are a crack commando unit, fighting an unholy war against bad, non-results driven, sloppy SEO and Online Marketing.

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