Why at Thrive we love using WordPress?

You may have heard of the name WordPress (WP) being used around on the web and wondered what are the fuss is about.

WP was originally launched in 2003 as a blog platform for users to write blogs but also had the functionality of a content management system (CMS). Today it has evolved into the most popular CMS used world wide with over 25% of the web reportedly using this platform.

Here are a couple of reasons why we love using WP ourselves:

WordPress is Free

WP is an open source platform, which means it is free for anybody to use and modify. This in the long run saves you money that can be invested in other parts of your business. WP gives you the ability to create all sorts of websites from travel blogs, ecommerce, galleries to membership sites.

Easy to Learn

WordPress has been built with user ease in mind. The user interface is nice and clean that makes it easy to navigate around your CMS. This means when it comes to building your website we make the CMS user friendly so that you can add new pages, update content and replace images with a touch of the button. No coding or programming knowledge is required.

Large Community

With WP being used by millions of people everyday you have a large WP community that is constantly helping to improve and evolve the platform with the latest web technology. This means you are getting an up-to-date platform, which is always improving in terms of functionality and security. This means we will be able to adapt existing or new sites to the specification you require.

Readily available plugins

WP comes with a vast array of plugins both free and premium that are easy to download to add more flexibility to your site. You can find a range of plugins from adding social media feeds, caching the site to improve site speed and advanced custom fields to provide more control on what content you want to edit. Most of the popular plugins are kept up-to-date inline with when WP does an update, which means the plugins are safe to use.

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