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Why Gaining Digital Experience Is Key

Having only joined the Thrive team last week, I think I might need to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Max and I’m the brand new digital marketing apprentice! I’ve been asked to write a post for this blog and have decided to to use the next few paragraphs to explain why I chose to join Thrive and the fast-paced digital industry.

Being asked to make decisions that impact your whole life whilst still a teenager is challenging because you lack true experience of the world and each industry to make properly informed decisions.


Luckily enough for me, I have been invariably interested in technology which has helped guide me when making decisions. For example, I was always one to mess around with a variety of film, video, polaroid and digital cameras, especially when I was younger. More recently, this interest in cameras sprouted into a love for photography, leading me choosing the subject as one of my A-Levels. Over the two year period, alongside my other studies, I learnt all about the theory of photography including the rules of composition and art history. After a while, I started to notice my images were starting to improve in quality, which led me to develop my own site, where I could begin to publish my images for people to see for the first time.

This recent experience and success of posting my photographs online made me suddenly doubt if University was the right choice for me. I mean, this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced the industry and thoroughly enjoyed it. A couple of years before, I developed a site for a radio station in Cheshire which I helped launch, as well experience with the BBC in Manchester and being a member of the Digital Youth Council. I also met Richard Branson with whom I discussed how I thought the education system could change to implement technology more effectively. Looking back on my experience when having to make decisions about University persuaded me to apply for this role, as all the required skills listed were skills that I had developed in my own time and really enjoyed learning.


Securing the experience I did helped guide me into this apprenticeship with Thrive. Experience is almost like getting a free trial of a job, because before you have to sign up for the real thing, you can try it and see if you like it! I’m very excited to be joining such a talented team at Thrive and look forward to experiencing the digital marketing industry from inside such a busy agency.

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