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Why slogans and straplines matter

We talk a lot about branding and how something looks. We talk about branding a lot in meetings with clients and then we talk about it a lot in design briefings and then a little bit more between ourselves. We all know branding and its look is important. Because we talk about it a lot.

But often, it’s the way we say something that matters, and putting this across to customers and users is just as important. And sometimes this is put to one side, almost an afterthought in the whole conception stage as we try and finesse a brands physical manifestation. But really, it should always be at the heart of it all because it is the most succinct way of making people notice.

But what is a slogan, and what should it tell you about your brand or product?

A slogan lives to reinforce a brands proposition. A slogan wants you to recall when its words are uttered, what it all means and help identify its place and purpose with you.

And as short as a slogan or strapline is, it should tell a story about the reasons and value you can add to your customers lives. Positively reinforcing your brand and prompting recognition past colour and typeface.

For example, FedEx use “The World on Time”. It looks on the face of it that FedEx simply delivers packages across the world. But the strapline is reinforcing that punctuality for FedEx and in turn its customer is the single most important thing to them. Provoking an emotional response and reinforcing its proposition all in one.

That is simply something a logo can’t do. Tell a story.

Of course, in this digital age the argument can be made that the multiple channels that campaigns can run across, all negate the need for a strapline, that the 5 seconds that a company used to have with its customer every day in print advertising can be multiplied by 5 across any given day. And sometimes, pocket sized advertising simply doesn’t have the space. The reality is though, nothing helps brand recall, or tie consistency together quite like a slogan.

In this crazy mile-a-minute digital age, a slogan is just as important as it ever was.

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