Why traditional Direct Mail is still going strong in the ‘digital age’

The advances of technology has given rise to a whole plethora of communication channels available for businesses to target consumers. And whilst smart phones might be the quickest mode of reaching customers a more traditional and intimate channel is still to send a mailing of some sort through the post. Even better – combine both methods as part of a multi-media campaign and you’ll be onto a winner!!

Some interesting statistics:

Response Rates



Increased response rates from other channels

So the moral of the story? Direct Mail is still very much alive and kicking. Whilst used in isolation its impact may be minimal, when used as part of a multi-media campaign it has the potential to be a very valuable tool in the marketing mix. As with any marketing communications exercise the messaging and tone are key so make sure you get this spot on before investing in what can be quite expensive print and distribution costs.

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Source – Central Mailing and Royal Mail

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