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An Education in Conversion Rates.
The Challenge

BPP University is a pioneer in flexible learning. Specialising in business and professional qualifications such as accounting, management and law, they frequently need to update students with detailed course information. The most effective way to do that is via email; so BPP wanted to work with experts who would integrate with their own marketing communications team. Enter Thrive.

What we did
  • Online marketing
  • Design
  • Website and apps
The Solution

From the outset, we’ve worked closely with BPP’s internal team providing fulfilment for a range of digital services, primarily email based. BPP have also tapped into Thrive’s offline resources for several print-based projects. But it’s at a strategic level that we’d like to think our collaborative efforts have really paid dividends. With increased open and click-through rates from emails which are now mobile and tablet friendly, targeted and personalised, we’ve made a real, positive impact.

The Results

300% increase in email open rates.

Highest ever course uptake from email.

Increased student retention through continual communication.

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