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Keele University

Taking a smart approach to promoting Smart Energy PhD posts.

The Brief

Keele is one of the most respected universities in the UK for scientific excellence. In recent years it’s been particularly strong in the field of sustainable energy, with its Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) programme helping the University generate much of its own power. The SEND programme focuses on innovation and real-world application of the latest energy technologies, collaborating with business to further their development – which meant a number of post-graduate research posts were now available. So they chose the boffins at Thrive to fill them.

What we did
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Online marketing
  • Design

Our Approach

We may not be physics geniuses, but our expertise in marketing and communications – gave Keele the ideal qualifications for this task. Producing a mixture of press and digital ads, the team took a direct approach to target science, maths, engineering and tech graduates and position the PhD research posts as an outstanding career opportunity. Combined with the appeal of the Keele University campus and the fact it would become a real-world, living laboratory, it proved to be irresistible to this audience.

The Results

The campaign has so far achieved its targets with ease and the PhD posts have been filled, with an excellent calibre of candidates coming forward for each. Needless to say, the University is delighted with the response to date.

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