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The right aesthetic treatment for a leading maker of lasers.

The Challenge

The world of aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgery is a mysterious art to many. But to Lynton, it’s more of a science. Formed by a team of physicists, medical practitioners and clinicians from Manchester University in 1994, they’ve become pioneers in aesthetic technology – laser treatments for conditions such as acne, rosacea and scarring, as well as wrinkles and hair removal – and won many industry awards along the way. Less aesthetically pleasing though, were the company’s ads and marketing materials…hence a consultation with Thrive.

What we did
  • Strategic planning
  • Design

The Solution

At Thrive, we’re known for our dashing good looks…especially when it comes to design. So beginning with the launch of Lynton’s revamped LUMINA® machine, offering the flexibility to add new technologies as needed, we created a refreshing new style to reflect the company’s reputation. The trick was to find the perfect balance between the ’glamour’ of cosmetic treatments and the professionalism of the clinical environment – both of which are crucial to Lynton’s audience. The result is a fresh, clean look with simple photography in keeping with Lynton’s scientific background; this is now being rolled out across other materials, together with marketing concepts such as ‘the technology to transform’ and ‘aesthetechs’ highlighting the cutting edge technology.

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